Beach Equipment Rentals

beach rentals
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Beach Equipment Rentals:

All in one grab and go beach Equipment rentals!

Go for water sport adventures, stretch out on a beach lounger and bask in the sun or relax under the shade of an beach umbrella; either way is the best way to enjoy all that our great beaches have to offer is to rent all your beach equipment. We offer top quality beach chair rentals, beach umbrella rentals, sun tents, beach carts, beach toys and much more to make your day at the beach fun and comfortable for the whole family.

We will save you the headache of buying new beach equipment on your vacation. Not to mention trying to locate another rental gear company. We have what you need, just let us know if you need any extra chairs or a additional cooler.

Snorkel & Dive!

Enjoy the crystal clear waters of Florida and the natural inhabitants of the coast. If you need to be pointed in the right direction where to find these beautiful locations, don’t hesitate to ask.

We have bikes too!

Not only do we have bikes we include a bike rack accessory for the Jeep So you can explore and adventure the local Land Preserves and State Parks, or maybe you want to cruise around Anna Maria Island enjoying the beautiful atmosphere and beaches. Bring that bikes wherever you choose!


GoPro! Need I Say More!

Want to create a unique memory of your Island Jeep Excursion, and what you experience while here in paradise! You can simply rent a GoPro the entire time your here on vacation! You also have the option to either keep all recorded data for yourself to do what you want. There’s also another option, you can let our Tech Support edit your recordings into a unique film to share with your friends, family, Facebook, Instagram you name it!

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Our Beach Equipment rentals are all quality products!